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Novels set in Thellian

Most of my epic fantasy is set in the world of Thellian. There are three eras in Thellian, with Key to Truth set at the end of the first era, and Immortal Hearts set at the end of the third era. I have future series and standalones planned in the second and third eras.

Please note: all titles and blurbs are “working” versions and subject to change.

Key to Truth

First draft in progress.

No one had heard of a human without magic before Bronwyn. Her parents plan to keep it that way, and they lock her away on the cusp of adulthood. Years later, Bronwyn learns they plan to marry her to a healer for money. She knows his dark secret, and fear drives her to flee to the nearby forest. There, she meets the man who changes everything. Ash is kind and teaches her how to survive alone, but war calls him away all too soon.

Attacked by an unknown enemy, Bronwyn flees to find Ash. Go east, he told her, to the elven lands. The world she discovers is both beautiful and deadly. Her journey thrusts her into the centre of a war between immortals, which has raged for thousands of years. To survive, she must gain immortal allies of her own and finally face her lack of magic.

Immortal Hearts Series

Book 1: Echoes of Chaos

Beta reading & polishing.

A single phrase burned into her mind. That’s all Eryn has gained after a year of sneaking into the forbidden archives. Whatever else she discovered there is missing from her memory, but something powerful drives her into human lands to seek the phrase’s origin. Agony befalls her if she resists. Yet, if the book is as important as she believes, she may finally gain the leverage she needs to challenge the kitari elders’ archaic ways.

Arlan’s fear of magic has a shallow grave, and Eryn unearths it when she arrives in his town. Despite looking human, all kitari are mages, and what she seeks forces him to face his heritage. Worse, she flees the very institution who murdered his family.

The Mage Guild want something, and they will torture and kill to get it.

Book 2: Shards of Truth

First draft complete.

Book 3: Souls of Fire

First draft complete.

Book 4: Rebels of War

First draft finished.

Book 5: Fragments of Memory

First draft finished.

Book 6: Embers of Chaos

First draft on hold.

Reborn in Ash

First draft in progress.

Blurb to come.



Short Stories

Set outside the realm of Thellian.


  • Loyalty and Vengeance – Fantasy – 3.7k
  • Felix and the Orb of Destruction – Speculative – 3k
  • Dance of the Sun – Fantasy – 2k
  • On the back of a Comet – Science Fantasy – 1.4k
  • The Mermaid’s Gift – Speculative/Horror – 1k


  • Dusk – Fantasy – 5k
  • The Fallen – Speculative – 3.7k
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