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Novels set in Thellian

Most of my epic fantasy is set in the world of Thellian. There are three eras in Thellian, with Key to Truth set at the end of the first era, and Immortal Hearts set at the end of the third era. I have future series and standalones planned in the second and third eras.

Please note: all titles and blurbs are “working” versions.

Immortal Hearts Series

Book 1: Echoes of Chaos


Eryn has lost everything. Her magic. Her title. The woman she loves. All because of the kitari elders. Only tearing down their reign might smother Eryn’s burning anger, but she has no power to oppose them. With a plan to steal some of theirs, she breaks into their forbidden archive, where she finds a far better opportunity.

An imprisoned dragon needs Eryn to release her. In exchange, the immortal is willing to oust the elders. Revenge is within Eryn’s reach, but the deal brings her pain if she strays from her task. Worse, her only clue to freeing the dragon is a cryptic message left for her by a goddess. Her task seems impossible, until she meets Arlan, a human lord whose tragic past could bind him to her future.

Arlan is still haunted by the day a mage killed his family. Now he’s met one of the kitari, a race whose magic far surpasses that of humans. Yet Eryn needs his help, and he’s witnessed the pain she suffers if she disobeys the dragon. To get what she needs, he must face his past, which isn’t as buried as he thought.

Meanwhile, another immortal strains against his shackles, and nothing less than destroying the world will sate his hunger for vengeance. If Eryn can’t unravel the truth in the goddess’s words and free the dragon, there may be no one who can stand in his way.

Reborn in Ash

Standalone. First draft complete. Rewrite in progress.

A woman who uses her strange new abilities for thievery encounters a man who has them too, but when her first use of real magic ends in disaster, she’s left with a choice: live free always looking over her shoulder or enter the service of the king as a mage.

Key to Truth Series

First drafts complete for books 1 and 2.

Book 1: Fire and Gold

Bronwyn is the only human without magic and an embarrassment to her family. She shuts herself away, until she learns her parents plan to marry her to a healer to solve their money problems. Everyone thinks he’s kind and gracious. But Bronwyn knows too well how he really gained his healing skills.

Fear drives her to hide in the nearby forest, where she meets the man who changes everything. Ash shows Bronwyn the only kindness she’s known in years and teaches her how to survive in the wild. She’s finally happy, even when she learns Ash comes from the forbidden lands. The lands of immortals. But immortals don’t know peace, and war calls Ash away all too soon.

Bronwyn thinks she’ll never see Ash again, but when she’s attacked by animals controlled by his enemies, Bronwyn must find him. Chased out of human lands, the world Bronwyn discovers is both beautiful and deadly. Her journey thrusts her into the centre of a war, and she is the key to winning. To escape being used to empower a rising evil, Bronwyn must gain immortal allies and finally face her lack of magic.

Non-Thellian novels

Flooded Word (codename)

First draft in progress.

A historian wants to stop the cycle of cataclysms flooding the world again so other historians will write about her, and because she hates the endless rain.

Short Stories

Set outside the realm of Thellian.


  • Loyalty and Vengeance — Fantasy — 3.7k
  • Felix and the Orb of Destruction — Speculative — 3k
  • Lottie vs Infacorp — Science Fiction — 3k
  • The Heart AIs Couldn’t Steal — Science Fiction — 2.5k
  • Dance of the Sun — Fantasy — 2k
  • On the back of a Comet — Science Fantasy — 1.4k
  • The Mermaid’s Gift — Speculative/Horror — 1k


  • Dusk — Fantasy — 5k
  • The Fallen — Speculative — 3.7k

Almost ready

  • Epsilon and Zeta — Science Fiction — 3k
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