Fantasy Name Suggestions

Custom Fantasy Place Name Suggestions

Need help naming a place in your fantasy world? Get 5 suggestions unique to that place for just £5. These will be carefully crafted, won’t be full of apostrophes and accents (I don’t use them), and will be easy to pronounce. These will be unique to you (I keep a list to ensure no duplicates), and you can use all of them if you wish. After purchase, I will contact you to ask for details of the place, eg geographic area, main trade, any unique features, and a real-world country/language similar to your fantasy place. I aim to respond within 1 week.


Custom Flash Fiction

Prompted Flash Fiction

A 500-1000 word fantasy / speculative story based on 3 prompts elements that you will provide. Copyright remains with me, and I must be credited as the author wherever the piece appears, including a link to You gain exclusive distribution rights. After purchase, I will contact you asking for 3 prompt elements. My turnaround is 1 month.